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I have been involved in various activities besides programming, so I position myself not as a programmer, but as a software developer.

With a good quality I can write code, develop architecture, design user interfaces, handle deployment, testing, documentation writing, lead, gather/write/discuss requirements, write technical specifications, etc.

I believe that a developer should do whatever is most necessary for the project at the moment, regardless of the type of activity.

I possess a rare and epic skill of programming without testers. I instill corresponding practices around me.

I enjoy answering well-posed questions.


  • Year of birth: 1986
  • Current location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Education: BSUIR FITM IIT Systems Engineer


  • Systems engineering;
  • Thinking practices;
  • Game development;
  • Procedural content generation;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Code analysis;
  • Cartoons;
  • Books.


Resume: ru.

  • 2024-… — Sabbatical
  • 2022-2023 — Palta (Python, TypeScript)
    • Roles: Tech/Team Lead, Engineering Manager
    • Payment solution for "child" startups: receiving money, accounting, controlling purchased assets, subscriptions, refunds, analytics, etc.
  • 2019-2021 — Sabbatical [ru]
  • 2015-2019 — Melsoft Games (Python)
    • Roles: Tech Lead
    • My Cafe — stabilization and optimization of code and architecture, ~1,500,000 rpm at peak.
    • Toy Defense 1, 2, 3 — everything related to servers.
  • 2012-… — Personal project: open source MMOZPG "The Tale" (Python)
    • Managed everything with the support of a small team and community.
    • More than 32,000 registered users (as of early 2024).
  • 2009-2012 — Wargaming (C++, Python, JS)
  • 2007-2009 — Itransition (C++, C, Perl)
    • Migration automation of real machines under Linux to virtual machines (Xen, VMWare).
    • VoIP phone GUI for Windows;
  • 2005-2007 — Department of IIT FITM BSUIR (C++, internal programming language).
    • Departmental product related to semantic networks.