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In my free time, I work on hobby projects of various levels of experimentation.

You can find them all on GitHub:

I am happy to discuss any of them, as well as welcome any help in development.

Active projects

Feeds Fun

A news reader with tags and neural networks. Available online, self-hosted if desired.

  • Automatically identifies tags for each news item.
  • You create rules like elon-musk & twitter => score -100500, procedural-content-generation & hentai => score +13.
  • In the interface, you sort news by interest and read only the most interesting for you.


The engine on which this site runs.

The Tale

Russian language only :-(

A browser-based multiplayer text zero player game & political sandbox with extensive text generation in Russian language.

Players indirectly control their heroes but can change the whole game world. The game is distinguished by its interesting lore and advanced text generation.


A character name generator. Supports English and Russian. Generates all cases in Russian. Used in The Tale.


  • Expert — Give profound professional answers.
  • Abstractor — You give a long text, a link, or a PDF to the network and receive a summary (abstract) plus a set of important facts and statements from the text.
  • Ontology Master — input a term, get a tree of its ontological neighborhood/classification. Convenient when studying a new area and wanting to understand its structure.

Not Supported

My projects that I have discontinued support for various reasons.

Smart Imports

A library for automatic module imports in Python. Allows you to get rid of multiline import lists in your sources.

Universal Text Generator

A library for generating Russian text from templates taking into account word dependencies, morphology, etc. It powers The Tale (phrase examples, specification).


A generator for non-linear quests with conditions. Outputs a quest graph (examples). Used in The Tale. I do not plan to develop it further, but it can serve as an example of where to move in procedural quest generation.